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How long does this Limited Warranty last and what is covered

Certain conditions and exclusion apply. See full Limited Warranty for details

What does Practical Product Lifespan mean?

Practical Product Lifespan means the usual and customary wearable life of the product. The Practical Product Lifespan does not mean for your lifetime or mean a time period that is indefinite. The manner in which the product is used directly impacts the usual and customary wearable life of the product, as materials will deteriorate and fade over time and moving parts will also wear.

Our Products are designed for long life and durability, if care instructions are followed carefully. If your Product appears worn out, then it may be time to replace your product and we hope that we will be a part of your next buying decision. Practical Product Lifespan will be determined in the reasonable discretion of an authorized Our Customer Service representative who shall take into account at least the following factors: the type and nature of the Product, the nature of the use of the Product, nature of the Product issue involved, and age of the Product. The Our Customer Service representative may require consumer information in order to make the foregoing determination and may not be able to make a determination without such accurate information from the consumer.

What if I have an issue with my product?

To begin, click on Start Product Service Request at the top of this page. Here, you can let us know a bit more information about you and your product including what kind of issue you’re experiencing.

Once we’ve received your request, we’ll complete a full review and let you know how we can help.

How long will it take for my product to be assessed or repaired?

We do our best to review your product as quickly as possible.

Before submitting your request, you can see the current assessment time at the top of our Product Service Request form. This will give you an idea of how long it will take for us to review your product and see what we can do to help.

As we work on your request, we will be in touch with any important updates along the way.

Repair is not included in the assessment time, however if your gear can be repaired by us, we will let you know and confirm the estimated time for the repairs to be completed as well.

What will happen once my product has been received?

An Our Service Representative will examine your Product. We reserve the right to perform testing to determine if your Product is subject to this warranty.

What if my product is no longer covered by the Our Limited Warranty?

We try to keep our products going for as long as possible, and we review each Product Service Request on a case-by-case basis.

If a product has reached the end of its practical lifespan and is beyond our Limited Warranty, we will look for alternative solutions or recommendations for you to keep your gear in action.

In some cases, however, we may complete our assessment of a product and find that there are no long-lasting solutions we can provide to help keep it in the field.

What happens if my product is approved for warranty?

If Our determines that your product is subject to this warranty, Our will, during the Warranty Period, in its sole discretion: (1) repair the product at no charge for labor or parts, (2) replace the product with the same model product,(3) replace the product with a comparable product should your product be discontinued or otherwise unavailable, or (4 – North America Only) provide you with a voucher to be used toward the purchase of other Our products on our site.

How are shipping costs handled?

Customers are responsible for all costs relating to the shipment of product to Our. Our will then cover the return shipping costs. Please select a guaranteed delivery service that provides parcel tracking information, insurance and proof of delivery. Our is not responsible for items that are lost or damaged during shipping and cannot replace parcels lost during return shipment if proof of delivery is unavailable.

Do alterations void my warranty?

Unauthorized modification or alteration including any repair done outside of Our Customer Service is not covered by the Limited Warranty.

How do I determine the name of the garment/item that I currently own?

Please note, CA#34438 is our manufacturing number which is written on all Our made products. This is not a specific product identification number.

There are 2 main ways to find the name of a product you own depending upon the age of the product:

As of Fall 2017, Our started including the name of the specific product on the white care label on each garment. This allows you to conveniently identify your product.

If your product was designed before Fall 2017, you can locate a four or five-digit model number on one of the tags. These can then be emailed to us, or you can call us with any of these numbers and we will attempt to identify which product you are referring to. Alternatively, you can email us a picture of your item and we will endeavor to identify the product for you.

As part of the Our voluntary recall, how can I return my watchs?

watch are to be returned directly to Our for repair. Please visit recall our site for more information.

Can I have my product repaired if it is no longer covered by the Limited Warranty?

We try to find repair options whenever possible, however, some products may not be repairable due to age, condition, or nature of the damage. With that being said, every case is different, and we will be happy to review your product to see how we can help.

How do I find the item I want to buy?

Find on home page the category of the item you want to buy (in the category list on the top of the page below the site title), move your mouse to the category name, you will see a list of sub-categories. Choose the one your item belongs to, and you will to transferred to the product page. You can choose the item you want to buy here.

How do I place an order?

After click the item you are looking for, select size and fill in quantity,and then click Add to Cart. Review the items in your shopping cart. Enter coupons or discount codes if you have any. When you are ready, click Proceed to Checkout. Choose your check out method as guest or registered customer(registered customers can log in from the right page). Click Continue and you will be transferred to the payment page. Please indicate the destination for the product, the method of payment and the billing address. Review your order information. You may edit your address and payment information. Select “Process Order” to complete checkout. Do not forget to keep the order information in a secure place in case that you may need to check your order status.

How do you send my purchased items?

When We receiving your payment, we will deal with your order within 24 hours.If anything goes well, we will ship it out within 2 days.

How long will be the parcel arrived our country?

After we ship it the parcel will be delivery in 7-15 workdays during all the post process ordinary. Well, due to unforeseen circumstances, the time will be last a little longer. Please do not worry about it.

How to track my order?

If you are a registered member at our website, you may track your order using the “Order Inquiry” link. Or, our Customer Service can help you track your order.And when we get the tracking number from the express company, we also can send it and the tracking link to track the parcel’s status.

How do I can change my order or cancel my order?

When we received your payment, we will deal with your order within 2 days. So if you real want to change it or cancel it, we hope you can tell us within 2 days. Because if we ship it out , it is difficult to stop the parcel for you. So we hope you can understand.

How do I can return the items to your company?

Free returns. you can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition for up to 45 days after purchase.

How many payment method do you accept?

We can receiving the payment through Paypal

Why do you charge my card more than your product price?

We only receive the product price. The extra money may be charged by the bank as the bank fee. Hope you can understand.